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Boss idea: Dyna Blade



  • Fire 
  • Weapon (Stabbing)


  • Weapon (Blunt) 
  • Weapon (Slashing)

Dyna Blade, for whatever reason (possibly her epic theme music), is a memorable boss in the Kirby series. Debuting in a Super Star sub-game focused on Kirby’s quest to impede her ruining the crops of Dreamland, Dyna Blade’s crimes were revealed to be in good intention; she only stole food in order to feed her oversized chicks. A giant, imposing avian, Dyna Blade has feathers that cut like swords and metal armor, making her as threatening offensively as she is defensively. Obsequiously setting the standard for winged boss battles in her home series as well as in Smash (the Ridley battle in Brawl was a shameless recreation), Dyna Blade could show up as a boss in SSB4 to reclaim her battle strategy for herself. 

Unlike King Boo, I don’t imagine Dyna Blade’s boss battle having various “phases” of sorts, instead being a more traditional boss more akin to those seen in Brawl. True to the source material, Dyna Blade’s head is her weak spot (though you can attack any part of her body), and her basic attacks would carry over from Kirby Super Star. Her most straightforward approach is to simply fly from one side of the screen to the other, talons extended. If hit, the player will be grabbed and squeezed repeatedly, gaining damage until they struggle free. This is a slow and easily-dodged maneuver. Shooting five puffs of air from her mouth as projectiles is her most basic long-range strategy, dealing negligible knockback when hit. Dyna Blade also attempts to hop into the air and crash down on the player. Occasionally, she will fly off the top of the screen and dive at the player from the background, in which case, air dodging comes in handy. Dyna Blade’s other attack from Super Star, her neck-extending bite attack, which follows the player, would be the hardest to dodge of her original actions. Additionally, it would be a surprising kill move, dealing more knockback than the player may be prepared for. 

To add to the difficulty and prevent the boss fight from being a direct transplant, Dyna Blade could receive a few new attacks to work with. With her razor-sharp bladed wings, she could use her appendages to slash at the foe, dealing hefty damage and potentially KO’ing. Inspired by Kirby’s Wing ability, she could also launch her feathers like flying knives, creating a moving wall of damaging projectiles that must be dodged with precise timing. 

Other than some new tricks, however, Dyna Blade would probably be a fairly straight-forward boss, as most of the bosses in the Kirby games are. 

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